Sunday, March 12, 2017

We Can Do

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I gave up - I decided to sleep.
I gave up - I ordered the pizza.
I gave up - I didn't try for the job.

I gave up...How often do we say those words to ourselves, and let that be the death-knell on our dreams and goals?

Change is hard, and we're naturally inclined to fight it; however, it's harder to wake up one morning and think about how if you had been true to your goals for the last year, you'd be there. But instead you're here...where you were before...and you have a pile of abandoned dreams that you stub your toes on every time you leave your bed.

We own our doubts. 
We own our fears. 
We own our dreams. 
We own our desires. 
We own our time. 

We are powerful. 

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