Monday, January 12, 2015

Slender: It's Possible

Welcome to A Complex Combination!

Let me say that this has been a adventure from the start. Back in August when I first started my journey into a nutritarian lifestyle the title "A Complex Combination" kept running through my mind. I kept feeling deep down inside of me that this was meant to be a blog label, but I could not for the life of me figure out what kind of blog it belonged to. At the time I was contemplating doing a writer's blog like I had in the past, but I wasn't feeling it. So I waited.

Then this past week I was thinking about the last five months of my life and the huge changes that I've seen, and I knew what I needed to write about. The title clicked, the idea clicked and it sat down nice and tight into my heart and made it's home there. 

I love the way I live now. It's healthy, cheap (when you have a plan), and totally doable. It gives me the key things that you need as a college student, energy, and the ability to lose weight. There's nothing worse than being around a group of guys and thinking about how you finished off that pan of brownies last night... Don't know about you, but I always feel more confident around guys (confident being, slender, attractive, witty, etc.)  after I've worked out and eaten something healthy. But the problem with both of those things are time and resources. So we're still left with the problem of being around guys all the time and feeling gross and unattractive. 

Well those days will come sometimes no matter what we do, but the reason I'm writing this blog is to prove that you can take that tricky combination of healthy and college, and not just put them together, but prove that like Wesley and Buttercup, they are meant to be!

So follow me starting tomorrow with my crazy journey through this complex combination, and show that it's possible to be happy and healthy! But we're going to do it the right way. I really don't like the word skinny (it just has too many negative connotations these days), so here, we're going to be slender. Doesn't that sound better? I think so. So remember this is what we're looking for: Satisfyingly Lean, Energetically Nimble, Doing Everything Right. Slender.

We'll get there, and we'll do it right, because we're not going back!

- Shayla

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