Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'll Never Go Back

I've been struggling on and off the past couple weeks as I've been trying to learn how to deal with stress in school. It's hard sometimes, working through the late night studies, trying to stay awake and fighting food cravings at the same time. Often I don't succeed and then I get grumpy and a little depressed about not being "strong".

But then Thursday after a particularly hard fall in my eating goals, it hit me. Even though I wasn't doing so well now, I was still light-years ahead of the way of life that I followed even six months ago. That compared to then, my failures now are few and little. Then it hit me: I've weighed 193 pounds. I will never weigh that much again. I've weighed 175 pounds. Never again. And I am bound and determined that by the end of April I'll say "I've weighed 165 pounds. Never again."

Every pound I lose, every ice cream I don't eat, every time I try to be true to helping my body be healthy, I win. Gaining ground is rough, but so is gaining weight. I'd rather gain ground. And it's all worth it, because I've promised myself that I'll never go back. Not ever.

You got this folks!



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