Friday, March 20, 2015

Warmer Weather

Well folks it's a beautiful time to be in Rexburg's almost 60 degrees, the sun is out and everyone is running! It's so much fun to see all these people getting out and exercising. It's pretty inspiring to me.

I'm always like:

Other Runners:                                                           Me:

Every time I see somebody running up the hill to the temple I mentally think: You can do this! Whoot! Go! I know what it's like to be that runner, and as someone who generally sticks to treadmills, kudos out to all those who make the effort to go brave the bumps campus has to offer.

So remember. There are times when you're out there running and you feel like everyone is watching you...and then you feel super self-conscious because you're sweaty and gross, and just a little too aware about the sweat-lines. But more often than not, people see you and are cheering you on! They know it's hard, and they're impressed that you're doing it. No judging.

Good work exercisers! Keep working, and just because you have a slow day, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the rest of the week!



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